Milkwood offers a variety of services which seek to draw on all our intelligences: head, heart and hara. Our practice is informed by many schools of thought and not just the law.

We are continually developing our services and ourselves as we respond to the emerging future. Explore with us: What is Integrative Law?



Conscious Contracts, are legal contracts that focus on building relationships and seek to create a blueprint for business founded on the parties’ joint vision, mission and values. Instead of taking an adversarial approach Conscious Contracts turn conflict into creativity by developing a mechanism to address change and engage disagreement as and when it arises. The goal is to create a sustainable relationship built on an alliance, rather than opposition, and which is meant to benefit the parties.

At Milkwood we see our clients as experts in their own lives and our role is to work alongside them to co-create a watertight legal contract that also reflects who they are and what they are seeking to achieve, individually and in relationship.

To learn more about Conscious Contracts click here or watch this short video here



At Milkwood we create Antenuptial Contracts (ANCs) and Cohabitation Agreements which seek to support and nurture relationships. They are informed by Conscious Contracts® principles.

Our inter-disciplinary process is an opportunity for you to build and enhance your relationship while acknowledging that there will be changes and tensions in your life together. Drawing on your individual and shared values, your vision for your relationship and your joint goals we guide you in creating an Antenuptial Contract or Cohabitation Agreement that really reflects who you are.

For those wanting an ANC we discuss the commitments and expectations you may have of your future marriage relationship rather than focusing only on the end of the marriage as in the traditional approach. Not only do you get a legally watertight and properly considered ANC, you also get a meaningful conversation about your future relationship.

For those who are living together a Cohabitation Agreement can provide clarity about the commitments and expectations of your relationship as well as providing legal protection. The Milkwood process includes a series of carefully designed steps facilitated Rhiannon Thomas and Lorna Olckers.



At Milkwood relationships are at the heart of our practice. We know that relationships go through ups and downs. Our Conscious Parting service affords you the opportunity to get an overview of your current situation, the options available to you going forward and suggestions about which professionals you might need to engage.

We strive to help couples think through the next stage of their relationship in a conscious and compassionate way and to build alignment on the way forward. Being clear on what you need and want can save you a lot of unnecessary heartache, trauma and money so rather invest in getting onto the same page at the outset.

Our process is available to couples considering a breakup, separation or divorce.



‘Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us to discover what matters most.’

At Milkwood we see creating a Will as an opportunity to examine the life we are living and to discover what matters to that life. Your Will is one of the most important documents that you will author because besides setting out what will happen to your estate, it is also your last formal communication with the living world.

At Milkwood we specialise in assisting clients who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, such as cancer or dementia, to create their end of life documentation in a safe and empathic environment. We also work with anyone who wants a meaningful process to create their Will and other end of life documents. Our unique process offers creativity and meaning, autonomy and peace of mind.

The Milkwood process includes a series of carefully designed steps facilitated by Rhiannon Thomas and Di Burger.



At Milkwood we love to inspire others and share our knowledge and expertise with those working in similar areas. We work with all sectors, such as law firms, legal organisations, financial services, mediators and other allied services who wish to practise as integrated professionals.

We focus on helping with reflective practice, emotive conversations and interpersonal skills, while acknowledging the human need to be seen, heard, prepared and protected. All our workshops are tailor-made according to your specific needs and developed by our inter-disciplinary team.